A lot to do, a lot to learn when you recognize that you stayed in the comfort zone for too long. BUT: „The secret to life is to fall seven times and to get up eight times“ (Paulo Coelho)

Section :: Introduction

  • Frontend development is much more than html and css
  • Comfort zone, now reality, swim or drown, my approach
  • Heard someone say: „frontendlers are either very good with html and css, but they’re usually not good developers. And developers usually don’t have an eye for design or freak put with nasty css“

Section :: past and comfort zone

  • past experience
  • Chances to dive into more
  • Loved to write code
  • Have more cotrol
  • No excessive libraries

Section :: current challenge

  • Truth: I should have learned a lot more until here
  • Work annonces show what is needed and it reads like they want backend developers masked as frontend developers
  • Not nice to realise that you may not be as professional as you thought…but you only learn through mastering challenges, and it won’t always be comfortable

Section :: approach – how to get better in no time

    • haha, that was a joke, of course it takes time, and dedication
    • Stumbeling upon „is this really what I want to do? Shouldn’t I feel more passionate about going there?“
    • Reading about how to learn

Drowning in a sea of information
– Smashing magazine link on the frontend dilemma
– FOCUS!!!

Section :: Topics to cover

  • list topics, group them
  • What’s the end goal?
  • How to habe fun on the way

Section :: Fears to face and overcome – again and again

  • it’s too late
  • Others are way better
  • People will see me as someone who betrayed them

Section :: Conclusion, What comes next

  • Kick yourself in the ass and learn, improve
  • It’s about constant progress, no matter how small
  • Facing daily challenges